29 August 2023

The Open Program of ForumClub 2017 is online!

The Open Program of ForumClub and ForumPiscine 2017 is online. It’s a rich calendar of open events with free entrance for the audience that will focus on the latest news from the world of pools, spas, wellness and fitness. An occasion to discuss with major trade experts about rules and installations, to update and provide information during a prestigious event - ForumClub and ForumPiscine 2017 – that every year attracts companies and entrepreneurs from all over the world.

Among the key sessions of the Open Program of ForumPiscine and ForumClub 2017 there is the one about Spas and strategic vision - Design, informatization and management of Spas", organized in collaboration with Itaca, and the brand new session dedicated to thermal centres in collaboration with Federterme, on Friday 17th February at 2,30 p.m. entitled The State-Regions Agreement revised: changes and implications for different kinds of poolsand, right after that at 5,30 p.m., the session about Innovative strategies to disinfect thermal pools.

There’s more. By popular demand, the must-attend sessions by the European Aquatic Association (EAA) are confirmed and they will focus on the topic: From advanced Training to Trade Association of sport collaborators and instructors: protections and benefits”. 

ForumPiscine and ForumClub 2017 will talk about sport, too: in the Open calendar there is the meeting organized by UNASS, a recent Association that represents Italian sport facilities: on Friday 17th February it will be launched in the session entitledUNASS: united for the development of the sport world and to support all the key players involved", with the goal of representing all the players in the sport sector.

Please visit the page Congress/Open Program to see all the free sessions of ForumClub and ForumPiscine 2017

We wait for you from February 16th to 18th at ForumPiscine and ForumClub 2017!