29 August 2023

At ForumClub Yor Energy System with Ana Pina

She has held managerial positions in marketing, communication and sales, working for renowned fitness brands (Holmes Place and Vivafit) and she boasts a solid academic curriculum. We are talking about Ana Pina, speaker at ForumClub 2018, protagonist of a session that'll explain to the public "The metamorphosis of the fitness market: new formats and new business models", a round table that will also be attended by Florian Cartoux and John Harris, moderator Gianluca Scazzosi.

A multi-dimensional, provocative and curious character, Ana Pina, while developing her sales team at both Holmes Place Health Clubs and aVivafit - Women Only Boutique Franchising, realized that too often the sale ends up making a serious mistake: present to the customer in a cold, disjointed way, without context, a factor that disincentives the purchase by the customer. Thus, after years of experience in the field of development, training and sales in different contexts, she has developed a system based on the human factor, ie the customer.

And that's what Ana Pina will talk about at ForumClub: the trust, the fundamental element of the sale.

"What I always suggest - explains Ana Pina - is to start with trust, to relate to the people in front of us". An energy-based system, where the first objective is to understand the needs and desires of the client. And finally, to create a system to really engage customers through the service.

Also, on February 22nd, then, always Ana Pina will also be protagonist of another event at ForumClub: Selling Fitness R.Evolution. An engaging session, full of content and very concrete, by a great marketing and communication expert that will present a real system that allows salespeople to turn potential customers into satisfied clients. This is the model that she has defined YES, acronym of Your Energy System, whose correct application allows:

  • To understand what people really want by taking them from the simple "desire and hope" to needing something and really wanting it;
  • To understand why people buy and take them from the passive phase of understanding to the active phase of action;
  • To understand why people stay tied to a club by renewing their membership, moving from loyalty to engagement.