29 August 2023

ForumClub presents the Premium Partner of the 2018 edition!

The 2018 edition of ForumClub is getting closer and it's time to officially unveil the Premium Partners who have decided to combine their name with that of the event: Technogym, Canali System, Cruisin', eGym e Ics.


Nerio Alessandri gave shape to Technogym back in 1983, with the help of his brother Pierluigi, designing and realizing the first equipment in the garage of his home. Since then Technogym has widely evolved and today over 35 million people train regularly on its equipment in more than 100 countries worldwide. Globally known as "The Wellness Company", Technogym aims to be a Wellness Solution Provider and its mission is to help people live better, promoting wellness as the best way to achieve mental and physical well-being. Research and innovation have always been the driving force behind the development of the company's products and services, starting from the "Technogym Ecosystem", an ecosystem made by cardio and strength training, functional equipment together with the networking platform and a wide range of services and proposals with high added value.


The Canali System brand, born from the ingenuity of Professor Vincenzo Canali (a past as coach of the Italian women's national gymnastics team and the national trampoline for both men and women) has a clear and precise goal: to revolutionize the world of fitness. And he wants to do it both on a functional level and on an aesthetic level. The new fitness concept proposed by Canali System, in fact, combines the auxotonic and postural training, thus overcoming the traditional isotonic method. The auxotonic system, in extreme summary, is a balance between strength and stabilization, and the patented Canali machines make muscular strengthening safe even for those entering for the first time in a training room, as they accompany the body movement and protect the joints and the vertebral column.


Cruisin', since 1983 has been dealing with musical productions, event organization, and design and distribution of training and consultancy programs for gyms and dance schools. The passion for fitness and wellness is daily expressed and experienced with enthusiasm through the courses and events organized: Cruisin', in fact, makes available its thirty years of experience in the field producing cutting-edge training programs (such as XTEMPO, CrossWell and InterActive), as well as training courses in collaboration with prestigious national and international teachers, aimed at instructors who want to broaden their knowledge and at fitness centers that wish to create technical growth trails for their staff. This taken with the strong desire to provide consultancy and managerial and marketing strategies specifically designed for fitness centers.


The young German company, operational since 2012, focuses on technology and interconnections (already more than 70) with the other players in the market, with a specific goal: to spread digitization in the fitness world. In Bologna eGym will present its innovative line of strength machines, equipped with an electric motor that replaces the weight package, and allow users to choose between 5 different training methods and 6 fitness goals, as well as the Cloud platform open to external connections, which can be used to monitor training and exchange data with the main manufacturers of equipment and software in the fitness area. The customers can thus live a truly holistic and digital experience, free from barriers between the activities carried out inside and outside the club.


Once again, the only Italian public bank specialized in financing for the construction and renovation of sports facilities will be among the protagonists of an event that, for three days, will be the gravitational center of the aquatic, spa, wellness, fitness and sport universe. ICS, with its solid experience gained in over fifty years of activity, has always worked alongside public institutions and private individuals to help them carry out large and small development projects, with the granting of loans that can benefit from rates particularly subsidized. A reality that, not surprisingly, has financed 75% of the country's sports facilities and is growing in a process of great development in the financing of investments in the sector of cultural assets and activities.