29 August 2023

ForumClub 2019, a totally renewed Congress programme

On 13th February opens the 2019 edition of ForumClub and ForumPiscine, the only b2b Congress and Expo in Italy dedicated, on the one hand, to the fitness and wellness Industry, and on the other to pools and spas. With an exhibition area that aims to the sold out and a busy program of conferences and workshops.

The countdown has already started: the most beautiful edition ever ForumClub andForumPiscine  is ready to start. From February 13th to 15th, 2019, between Pavilion 19 of the Bologna Fiere and the Palazzo dei Congressi, in fact, there will be a double, unmissable appointment: the number one Italian professional stage dedicated to fitness and wellness, in fact, in 2019 will shut down 20 candles and will celebrate this goal, concomitant to the thirty years of the magazine Il Nuovo Club, in a big way, offering the public of ForumClub a full calendar of high-level events. And there’s more: in synergy with ForumClub, as every year, the new edition of ForumPiscine will be staged, which will bring together the most important and prestigious brands, the most innovative and dynamic companies in the sector; and also it will be a great cultural stage to face, together with the operators of the pool and spa Industry, the most important issues for the present and the future of the entire sector.

The Expo, almost sold out, in fact, already sees a strong increase among the exhibitors from abroad, which next year will come from Austria, China, France, Germany, Israel, Holland and Spain, guaranteeing a wider and more international audience (Top sponsor of the 2019 edition, Technogym, Canali System and TeamSystem for the ForumClub, DFM Aquatech Group and Renolit, supported by the SCP sponsor, for ForumPiscine, to which is added the top sponsorship of Istituto per il Credito Sportivo).

"We aim to the sold-out - explains Federico Maestrami, CEO of Editrice Il Campo - two months before the event and we have almost exhausted the spaces inside an Expo this year more than ever has assumed the role of 'fast track' able to unite the Italian and international markets. Who will participate in ForumClub and ForumPiscine 2019, therefore, will not only have the opportunity to meet some of the most globally important operators in the sector but will find an unprecedented program, full of exclusives, moments of training and an unmissable Congress ".

Indeed, the strength of ForumClub and ForumPiscine isn't just the Expo: it's its cultural and educational component that contributes to magnify the reach of the event and its attractive and driving role for the sector. Indeed, among the biggest new features of this edition there's the Congress program with an increased number of available sessions, starting from the 6 exciting general sessions:

  • "The present and the future of fitness clubs, between technologies and customers' experiences", speaker Bryan O'Rourke (Wednesday, February 13th at 10.15 am - 11.15 am);
  • "Activate the 'motivator', defuse the 'saboteur': subvert the paradigm to conquer (and retain) a new market ", speakers Fabrizio Benedetti and David Mariani (Wednesday, February 13th, 12:00 - 1:00 pm);
  • "From fitness club to sports center of the future", speakers Vito Scavo and Ralph Scholz (Wednesday, February 13th2.30 pm - 3.30 pm);
  • "From fitness club to sports center of the future", speakers Vito Scavo and Ralph Scholz (Wednesday, February 13th 2.30 pm - 3.30 pm);
    "When they tell you it's impossible, you can do it!", speaker Max Calderan (Thursday, February 14th at 09.45 am - 10: 45 am);
  • "Immersive Wellness: neuroscience and immersion innovate the experience of clubs, spas, and pools ", speaker Mick Odelli (Thursday, February 14th at 2.30 pm - 3.30 pm)
  • "Gamification, virtual reality, eSports: what the effects on Fitness?", speaker Lorenzo Mosna (Friday, February 15th, 09.45 am -10.45 am)

To learn more about our Congress Program and to buy your pass stay tuned!