29 August 2023

e-Gym new Premium Partner of the 19th ForumClub

After presenting the first Premium Partners of the ForumClub 2018 (Canali, Crusin' and Technogym) in the latest newsletter, we welcome the fourth Premium Partner of this edition: eGym, which for the first time will participate in the event with its hi-tech power equipment.



The young German company, operational since 2012, focuses on technology and interconnections (already more than 70) with the other players in the market, with a specific goal: to spread digitization in the fitness world. In Bologna eGym will present its innovative line of strength machines, equipped with an electric motor that replaces the weight package, and allow users to choose between 5 different training methods and 6 fitness goals, as well as the Cloud platform open to external connections, which can be used to monitor training and exchange data with the main manufacturers of equipment and software in the fitness area. The customers can thus live a truly holistic and digital experience, free from barriers between the activities carried out inside and outside the club.