29 August 2023

Club Award 2018: are you ready?

The award for the excellence of fitness and wellness in Italy, the Club Award, is back to ForumClub 2018, Gallery Edition. Applications for participation in the 12th edition of the prestigious competition, set up by the magazine Il Nuovo Club and aimed at operators and professionals in the fitness and wellness sector, must be submitted not later than December 20th. For further information please, visit the Award page of our website, Forumclub.it.

The award is designed to acknowledge the club operators who have achieved significant results in different areas, serving as a model, or at least as a source of inspiration, for other entrepreneurs and professionals, in fact helping the evolution and growth of the industry, and not just from an economic point of view.

The awards ceremony will take place during the 19th edition of ForumClub, which will be held in Hall 33 of the Bologna Fiere, from February 21st to 23rd, 2018. The award ceremony, which will precede the usual cocktail, will be the occasion to get to know the winners of the three categories in the competition.

The Club of the Year category is dedicated to clubs that in 2017 achieved remarkable results and contributed to the growth of the entire industry thanks to a forward-looking and effective strategic vision.

The Special category is intended for operators who have deserved recognition for specific motivations, also contributing in this case to the development of the industry from different points of view.

Finally, the Innovation category is aimed at entrepreneurs, managers and, in general, operators who have developed considerably innovative management models and concepts. Particular importance is accorded to initiatives that have allowed to gain new bands of customers and/or have contributed to raising public awareness of issues of particular concern.