Functional Lab | ForumClub

The Functional Lab, the exhibition, technical and cultural itinerary about the functional training in all its forms, it’s articulated between sessions, roundtable discussions, and workshops, with a clear objective: to take stock of a phenomenon that in the recent years has radically changed the fitness industry, opening the doors to new users and contributing to the launch of different formats. Thanks to the meetings and the exchange of views between the market leaders and the functional training interpreters there will be the opportunity to identify new methods and occasions to integrate it with other activities, according to the clubs’ regular clients, as well as to work through new lines of development that will lead to the definition of innovative training programs.

Thus, the Functional Lab, with its exhibition space that integrates with the conference program, will be the chance, for all those who will participate, to compare notes and keep up to date, with a look beyond the national boundaries to discover the latest trends around the world.

The different forms of Functional Lab

The functional trend will be analyzed from the managerial and technical point of view. Visitors can participate in the training program and in the exhibition dedicated to functional training by attending free workshops, congress sessions, live demonstrations, debates and update with the contribution of Italian and international speakers.

Functional Lab will focus particularly on the trainers' role, which is crucial in this evolution phase of the sector where physical exercise is the core business: they create and adjust the workout, they select tools and set up spaces to be used. Such an important role will receive special attention in terms of training and technical demonstrations.

ForumClub is also the chance to get update on functional products, strategies and solutions from Italy and abroad, in collaboration with the main trade companies and the most innovative interpreters of this new course. ForumClub is the ideal event for those companies that want to meet owners, managers and trainers of clubs to present their functional approach to training.