Since 2000 ForumClub is the most important Italian professional event for the fitness and wellness industry.

Starting from 2020, ForumClub celebrates a new course, to increasingly reinforce its b2b professional event identity and focus solely on a sector that requires more specialized skills and profiles. Therefore, for the 21st edition, ForumClub moved to Milan with a new formula, based on two days of business, training, and networking.

Leit Motiv of the whole ForumClub? The business, of course, and not just at the Congress level, but as a tout court theme of the whole event, focused on information and the meeting between demand and supply.


To summarize all the news that will make ForumClub 2020 an opportunity not to be missed:

1. The formula, completely renewed, which provides a unique and constant interweaving between Congress, Expo and convivial moments, all concentrated in a large dynamic and functional environment that becomes a preferential place for doing business, training, and networking.

2. The city chosen to host the event, Milan, is the Italian capital of business par excellence, a crossroads of fashions and trends that in its metropolitan area is home to thousands of fitness clubs, sports centers, boutique clubs and entrepreneurs interested in investing in our sector.

3. The location, Palazzo del Ghiaccio, is a splendid Art Nouveau building, historical site of national and international sporting events. The perfect venue, in short, for an experience that promises to be extraordinary.

4. The duration of the event, from Saturday 21st to Sunday 22nd, November 2020, is specifically designed not only to facilitate the participation of professional visitors and congress members, but also to acknowledge the needs of the companies that, in a shorter time frame, will have the chance to meet and talk with qualified operators and decision-makers in the Industry and, obviously, also with potential investors.

5. Autonomy restored, after years of synergy with ForumPiscine (the leading event for pool and spa Industry), ForumClub follows again an independent path, not only to strengthen its own b2b professional event identity, but also to focus solely on the fitness and wellness sector, which requires increasingly specialized skills and profiles.


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